Universal Hardness Testers

vickers hardness tester

InnovaTest have lots of different Hardness tester products to choose from to help with all your hardness test needs. They offer universal hardness testers from brands such as Nemesis, Nexus, Verzus and Fenix. The beauty of Universal Hardness testers is that they can cover all the main hardness tests in one single machine.

Hardness testers are devices that are used to determine the hardness of different materials. This is achieved by using a rounded or pointed indenter made of diamond, hard steel or carbide to measure the effect on the surface of the material. The three main types of tests performed by hardness machines are the Brinell hardness test, the Rockwell hardness test and the Vickers hardness tester.

vickers hardness tester

Nemesis Universal Testers

There are four different Nemesis testers available on Innovatest: the Nemesis 5100, Nemesis 9100, Nemesis 9600 and Nemesis 9800. All of these testing systems have been designed with performance in mind. Nemesis delivers the goods when it comes to accuracy and reliability.

vickers hardness tester

Nexus Universal Testers

Innovatest also offers 4 different products: Nexus 7700, Nexus 8100, Nexus 8100XLM and the Nexus 605U. The Nexus range of testers incorporate the best quality components and are rigged out with an 18-megapixel integrated camera designed to provide the user with more accurate measurements.

Versus 750

If you are looking for a versatile approach to hardness measurement with great automatic features, the Versus 750 could be the ideal tester. With integrated optical automatic image evaluation merged with intuitive operator software, you can prevent the test results being influenced by the machinist.

Fenix 300U

The Fenix is well suited for use in workshops in schools and universities. With an inbuilt electronic microscope and exchangeable lenses and ring light, it is easy to use and provides clear images of the indent.