Metal burr removal: an essential aspect of the production process

Did you know that metal burr removal is an essential aspect of the production process? During the production process, small spiky nodes can develop on the surface of the steel. These nodes are also known as ‘burrs’. The burrs are not always visible, but they can impede the function of steel components. They can even develop fractures in the steel after a while or damage your products. Using a deburring machine is the best solution to protect your equipment and your products.

An innovative metal burr removal machine

Q-fin developed an innovative metal burr removal machine: the F600. This machine is the best choice for deburring parts with a width of up to 600mm. The F600 is an extremely efficient machine. It is suitable for many processes, including deburring, grinding, edge rounding, sheet metal bending and removing oxidized parts. Our metal burr removal machine is designed to handle non-ferrous plate parts. It features a clear control panel and a stable grinding belt with a width of 630 mm.

The highest production speed

Q-fin offers two variants of the metal burr removal machine: one with a magnet support and one with a vacuum support. The F600 features four brushes, that are rotating in an opposite direction. Due to this design, the machine ensures the highest production speed and creates smooth edge rounding.