How to register a company in Netherlands

If you are interesting in starting a Dutch business you first need to know how to register a company in Netherlands. The Dike company has assisted many entrepreneurs in setup a Dutch company. The most common entity is the BV company. It is favourite because of the many advantages for the company owner. For example, the only legal requirement is to have a registered address in the Netherlands. The BV company needs both shareholder(s) and at least one director, but you can choose the amount of shareholders and directors you prefer.

You can open up your Dutch company on distance, and also your shareholders and director don’t have to be Dutch residents. For only 950,- we can setup your Dutch company formation, thereby we can provide a registered office address at our business centre for only 90,- a month.

All we need from you is;

– if the shareholders(s) and director(s) are individuals, we need a copy of the passport, a proof of the living address and the marital status. When the shareholder(s) and director(s) are a company, we need an original extract from the foreign trade register, a copy of the deed of incorporation and a UBO declaration.

As a service, we will check your company name is available for free. Please contact us for more information.

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